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Machine Learning

Add ability to learn complex functions and predict for better customer satisfaction


Operate and scale your business with on-demand infrastructure


Reduce time to market by unifying dev and ops teams for a common goal


Technology Partner for Startups

We help organisation build scalable products and modernise their applications using Cloud-Native principles and Machine Learning.

Enabling startups to build better and smarter software, faster..

Our key partnerships and expertise areas form a unique value proposition


[VIDEO] Serverless Architecture: An Introduction

Serverless or better described as “Function as a Service” is an interesting take on running applications at scale without worrying about underlying infrastructure. This video is a recording of the first Serverless Pune Meetup.

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[VIDEO] InfraCloud CTO’s talk at DevOps Days India 2016

InfraCloud CTO, Vishal was a speaker at DevOpsDays India 2016. He presented a talk on how Rancher – an open source container management platform makes Kubernetes management easier. The talk will demo key Kubernetes features which make containers production ready using Rancher.

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Microservices Continuous Deployment for IOT company

Learn how InfraCloud helped an IOT company build, deploy and operate a large number of microservices using templates and standardization. Pipelines were built dynamically across technology stacks and multiple deployment targets.

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