About Us



Girish Shilamkar

Founder & CEO

Girish started hacking distributed file systems right from his university days. Girish has worked on HPC filesystems Lustre, GPFS and has multiple contributions to Linux Kernel and Apache CloudStack projects. Girish has worked with startups to build storage and cloud platforms. He has provided technical leadership and built high-performance teams at startups as well enterprise companies .

In past Girish worked at LinSysSoft and Sun MicroSystems on distributed filesystems and Linux kernel. After Sun he joined Clogeny - a cloud computing startup as VP, Engineering where he played key roles in its acquisition by MSys and later by Seagate.


Vishal Biyani

Founder & CTO

Vishal Biyani has worked across the whole spectrum of SDLC from developing code to deploying code and supporting customer. Vishal's roles have spanned from being a consultant to Fortune 500 companies to hands on platform building for Internet scale companies.
Vishal is a DevOps practitioner, likes to work in Agile environments with a focus on Test Driven Development. Vishal's interests span continuous delivery, Kubernetes, containers and security.

Before founding InfraCloud he worked in companies like HCL and AudienceScience building multiple Cloud and DevOps solutions.